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06 apr 06

Japan Ref - Your links to Japan, including pop culture.    JB

Even though 23% find porn the Net's worst feature, and 65% don't find it "sexually fulfilling," pr0n sites grew from 22,100 in '97 to 280,300 last year.    JB

Rogue Librarian, Carrie Bickner, writes a kick-ass article on new legislation that will hurt the poorest of the poor on A List Apart. (Nice title Carrie).    JB

Our site of Building Plastic has many offers from the companies worldwide, located in following categories: Pipe and Fittings, Slate, Sandstone and Limestone, Bath and Toilet Appliances, Fiberglass.

05 apr 06

The digital divide between the computer enabled and the computer disabled... working with the public, I see this everyday. For instance, not everyone knows how to use a mouse.    JB

Perserving wildness in space, an environmentally balanced aesthetic.    JB

Building websites with recycled code. That's how I learned mark-up; not design-theft.    JB

A prime responsibility for academic librarians is bibliographic instruction. Here's a course topic that would be fun to teach.    JB

Computer Almanac, for internet stats: "59 percent of young American adults say they get more useful information from the Internet than from newspapers."    JB

US Bureau of Labor Statistics found that people average 8.6 jobs from ages 18 to 32. MLR: The Editor's Desk. 13 October 1998.    JB

04 apr 06

How do managers feel about tattoos or body piercings? If you care diddly about surveys, you may want to cover 'em up before an interview.    JB

Imagine having all your course work freely available online. This is the direction MIT is headed in its promulgation of knowledge. [more at NYT]   JB

Feeling the love from Digital Web.    JB

Street Librarian Chris Dodge is more than inspiring with his column in the Utne Reader Online. This, I believe, is at the heart of librarianship.    JB

Going High Tech: Opportunities, getting the credentials, and the ideal high tech librarian. [link via Library Stuff]    JB

03 apr 06

Update: "When the library refused to take the magazine off the shelves, Sbrocco resigned." Ah, too bad... hope it wasn't a teary goodbye. Well, at least it prompted the Willowick Public Library to take a close look at content and its collection policy. [link via Library Underground listserv]    JB

Check out this live chat series: features case study sessions on building new information services. (Thanks, Robin)    CB

LiveHelper and Human Click are free software packages that some libraries are using to offer virtual reference service.    CB

"Librarea is a destination, a world, within the ActiveWorlds Universe, where individual librarians build virtual (3-D) environments, with objects that can be linked to web-based resources." Some forward thinking ideas and projects from librarian Jack Colbert.    JB

John Simm, librarian, and Christina Ricci geisha girl dominatrix, all business, all that, star in a low-budget heart-warmer.    JB

E-books as ads for the print: "Click to buy the paperback."    JB

Death of distance: a trendspotter's guide.    JB

"Generation Xers will be the first generation to look beyond the borders of their own country and see the entire world as an opportunity." From Developing Information Leaders: Harnessing the talents of Generation X by Marisa Urgo.    JB

Meet OPAL: an eighteen month Online Personal Academic Librarian research project based at the UK Open University Library providing 24/7 reference service for distance students.    JB

A new one-year residency program at USF Tampa Library. Deadline: May 31. Residency begins August 2001.    JB

NEA career opportunity as a Web Librarian. Washington, DC. Salary: $54,591 - $92,222. Deadline: April 6.    JB

*spark-online: "It is quite fascinating that the leaders of the world's most powerful countries can get by quite well without ever touching a computer. This is what one could term the other side of the digital divide." Should Parliamentarians get hooked up?    JB

Why do you need an MLS?    JB, a content consultancy in Toronto, NUblogs a piece on academic publishing.    JB

01 apr 06

The April edition of NewBreed Librarian is out. We've got

  • FEATURE: A librarian's account of 14 days in Cuba
  • INTERVIEW: Jeffrey Zeldman on web standards
  • TECHTALK: A showcase of tools and trends CB picked up while at ACRL
  • PEOPLE: Urbana-Champaign students on why they went for the MLS
  • ASK SUSU: advice on interviewing

Check it out!    JB

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